About PC

Paulini Consulting provides legal advisory services specifically in the areas of oil and gas, biofuels, hydrogen, agribusiness, aeronautic and construction.

Our knowledge and experience acquired over the years, working with various energy companies, agribusiness, aeronautic and construction are those that will benefit, coupled with our advice tailored to your particular needs.

With our service you can reach and implement initiatives, clear with our strategy that always at consciousness to become real every initiative.

Through our approach, in turn, we will hold the results in time.

The achievements of your company is our main goal, which we will reach our consciousness work, dedication, preparation, strategy, planning, determination, anticipating and avoiding the problems and the changing world.

The long-term view and the excellence are the basis of our trajectory in Argentina, which has enabled us to reach unprecedented leadership position, as well as to gain the trust of our customers.

We manage requests for capital goods bonds. And we manage procedures in the INTI, INPI, CUSTOMS, ANAC, ...

Then, finally, our goal is that your company through our legal advice to achieve the proposed objectives and thrive in the market.